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Digital marketing is potential marketing strategy that fetches great marketing advantage on the digital platform, popularly on the internet

Digital marketing is conducted over multiple digital platforms from SMS/Email campaigns to internet based marketing, mobile advertising and social media marketing

Following are popular forms of digital marketing, basis use cases, one or more strategies of digital marketing is implemented to achieve targeted marketing traction

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Content marketing and automation
  • E-commerce marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media optimization
  • E-mail direct marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Mobile phones messaging (SMS and MMS)

Off late social media marketing is measured as best return on investment (ROI) platform for digital marketing, while Digital marketing on smart mobile device is considered highly impactful over other devices

As the saying goes, picture speaks thousand words, below picture says it all

We, at ERMlabs, specialized in Digital Marketing can steer your organizational Marketing outreach by our Google certified Digital Marketing Professionals

Besides Digital Marketing, we also do customized Market outreach campaigns for our clients such as social media campaigns, Brand building exercises, email campaigns and Linkedin campaigns

We Produce Infographics for effective campaigns

Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly in an appealing manner

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